Parkside Tech is located in Greenville SC, about midway between Charlotte and Atlanta.  Bill Knopf has worked around this beautiful area since 1974 in industiral situations and process research.  Retiring from full-time work in 2005, he has been consulting on instrumentation and Labview applications on a part-time basis.

Bill Knopf
Certified Labview Developer

I earned a Chemical Engineering degree from University of Michigan in 1972, and worked in industry until I retired and started consulting in 2005.  I began using Labview and various National Instruments hardware prior to 2000.  I have found Labview to be applicable to numerous technical situations, whether it's quality assurance, inspection, research, or process monitoring and control.
National Instruments has an imaging product line that includes smart cameras and vision systems that interface with numerous commercial cameras.  I have experience with the vision algorithms used to turn this hardware into productive inspection tools.  During my "industrial life" I developed and installed about 10 smart camera applications that are still in use today.
Using a National Instruments motion controller, I developed a scanning mechanism using stepping motors.  Various sensors on the scanner measured properties of plastic sheet material up to 5 feet wide.  I used Labview to control the scanner, as well as take data from the sensors to provide 3-D plots for visualization of property variation.
Using Labview, I developed a dual channel frequency analyzer for use on a laptop.  Signals can be obtained using inexpensive USB data acquisition devices for analysis up to 5000Hz.  Examples of its use are analyzing vibration and sound, speed variation on rollers, or calibrating a tachometer.  My home page shows an example of the frequency analyzer main screen.